Since Shanghai Tong-Jie-Liang was built in 2005, it has been dedicated to driving environmental progress through developing the global market for bio-based products. Our products are a natural choice for you and your family.

Shanghai Tong-Jie-Liang is committed to use sugars taken from plants and transform them into biopolymer, an ingenious material that’s used to design eco-friendly innovations for personal care,clothing, the home, garden, electronics, appliances and fresh food packaging.


Company History

More than 8 years ago, with an idea to provide products made from natural materials instead of oil-based plastic, Profession Ren with Tongji University, Shanghai Newgenius Biotech Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Invest Capital Co.,Ltd and TONGJI UNIVERSITY SCIENCE PARK founded Shanghai Tong-Jie-Liang Biomaterial Co.,Ltd.

After 8 years of hard work, research and development, our team launched a series of biodegradable and environmentally friendly products onto the market. This was followed by the launch of PLA fibers,PLA nonwoven,healthy  personal care products and so on.

Shanghai Tong-Jie-Liang Biomaterial Co.,Ltd now is the best one to provide ecologicial options. This thanks to our philosophy  ”We are engaged in make natural works that are friendlier on nature and healthier for your life. All products are all that ”